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20 Ways To Save On Petrol In 2022

Updated: Jul 26

New Zealand’s petrol prices have skyrocketed in 2022, and it’s safe to say that we’ve all felt it. Now more than ever, motorists are searching for ways to reduce their gas bill. That’s why we’ve put together our list of 20 ways to save on petrol. Some of these tips will result in larger savings than others, but they all add up. Let the savings begin!

Make Use Of Free Promotions

1. Sharetank

Z Energy’s Sharetank offers multiple fuel saving benefits. It’s a ‘virtual fuel tank’ that allows you to buy fuel in advance. When you see a price you like, you can buy your litres right then and there. Then, when it’s time to fill up, it’s already paid for, so there’s no need to worry about what the price is on the day. You can also add up to five other people to your tank, so anyone can make the most of the cheap petrol.

2. Pumped

The Pumped programme offers at least 6 cents off per litre at Z and Caltex stations, with even bigger savings on Wednesdays.

3. Gull Discount Days

Gull’s monthly Discount Days slash prices by 10-20 cents per litre. You can even sign up to get Discount Day alerts emailed or texted to you.

4. Smiles

Get at least 6 cents off at Mobil with a Mobil Smiles card.

5. My Challenge

Challenge’s discount programme offers savings of 6-12 cents per litre.

6. AA Smartfuel

AA’s free Smartfuel initiative offers discounts of at least 6-10 cents per litre at BP or GAS.

7. Supermarket coupons

Whether you shop at Pak n’ Save, Countdown or New World, they all offer fuel discounts of up to 6 cents per litre. You’re buying groceries anyway, so why not make use of the extra fuel savings.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

8. Download GASPY

GASPY is New Zealand’s best fuel finding app, fuelled by over 1,000,000 like-minded kiwis. Users can submit gas prices in their area, that other motorists can then access. Because of the sizeable community, the prices are often incredibly accurate. No more driving around town, you can compare prices straight from your phone.

9. Use the Gull Effect

The Gull Effect is a term coined by AA after they observed how competitors’ fuel prices went down after a Gull station opened in the area. Gull has a reputation for being very competitive on price. If you’re going on a road trip, look to fill up in a town or areas with a Gull site nearby. While Gull might not necessarily have cheap gas on the day, someone in the area probably will!

Make Your Car More Efficient

10. Declutter your car

Take out all of the junk you always keep in your car but rarely use. That includes tools, sports gear, or anything else. Why? It all adds unnecessary weight. The less your car weighs, the less fuel it will use. Check the boot, the glove box, or even under the seats. You’d be surprised at the difference it makes.

11. Avoid filling up your tank all the way

Speaking of reducing weight, petrol itself is actually relatively heavy. The capacity of a standard car’s petrol tank is roughly 50 litres. If you only fill up your tank halfway each time, that’s 25 litres of unnecessary fuel weight you’re not putting into your car. Only fill it to 100% if you need to

12. Keep tyres inflated

By keeping your tyres properly inflated, your car won’t need to work as hard. You can check your tyre pressure and give them a top up at most gas stations for free. It’s recommended to do this at least once every 3 months.

13. Remove roof racks

Roof racks are not aerodynamic, and therefore create more drag. If you don’t use your roof racks often, consider removing them.

Watch Your Heating & Cooling

14. Avoid using air con at lower speeds

Air conditioning can burn up to 10% more petrol, so only use it when you really need it. If you’re driving around town on a hot day, it’s much more efficient to simply open the windows.

15. Avoid opening the windows at higher speeds

When you’re driving on the open road, the logic is reversed. This is because opening the windows creates drag, which slows your car down and makes it work harder. At 100km/h, using air con actually uses less fuel than opening the windows. Of course, it still applies to only use air con when you really need it.

16. Don’t forget about the rear window heater

The rear window heater is also a gas drain. Make sure you only have it on for as long as you need, as this is an easy on to forget about.

Change The Way You Drive

17. Accelerate slowly & gradually where possible

The harder you press the accelerator, the more you spend. It’s as simple as that. Therefore, wherever possible, accelerate as gradually as you can. Just by driving more smoothly, you can save up to 30% on petrol, even if it’s just around town.

18. Slow down as naturally as possible

Take your foot off the accelerator early and avoid sudden braking. Braking essentially burns all the money you’ve just spent to get the car up to its current speed.

19. Move through gears as quickly as possible

Staying in a lower gear makes the engine work harder and uses more fuel. Listen to your engine and make sure you are in the highest possible gear for your current speed.

20. Driving at 90

When you’re not in a rush on the open road, and there’s no one behind you, reduce your speed from 100km/h to 90km/h. You’ll get to take in the scenery, and save roughly 10% on petrol. It’s a win-win!

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